Production data collection, OEE, integration with ERP

Production data collection, efficiency, OEE calculation, interfacing with ERP

The demand to acquire information from production machines is constantly increasing and this trend can be explained by the need to know before deciding (MES). The term SCADA (acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) defines a distributed information system for monitoring and controlling industrial processes.

The information flow primarily involves the programmable controllers (PLC) which perform the direct measurement of the variables, the SCADA acquires, processes and historicizes the variables in Dbase tables (SQL), making the information available for subsequent analysis (Overall efficiency of the equipment).

Tecnocontrol S.r.l. designs and manufactures data acquisition systems (based on SCADA) for:

  • Production plants for aluminum profiles;
  • Heating and heat treatment furnaces;
  • Test and inspection benches;
  • Production machines in general, produced / rejected parts, OEE.
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