Process control: chemical and industrial furnaces

Realizzazione del controllo di processo industriale

Tecnocontrol S.r.l. designs and manufactures control panels and software for the process.

Equipment has been created for:

  • Atmosphere heat treatment furnaces, vacuum, salt;
  • Tempering and melting furnaces with stoichiometric ratio control;
  • Water treatment and purification;
  • Aqueducts;
  • Paint stripping ovens;
  • Incinerators for industrial waste disposal, for liquids;
  • Post-combustors for carbon monoxide abatement;
  • Extrusion presses;
  • Extruders for plastic and Teflon;
  • Fume abatement, extraction and ventilation systems;

And all the machines used in the production process up to the final painting.

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