Aluminum extrusion plants

Realizzazione Software per impianti di estrusione

Tecnocontrol S.r.l. designs and manufactures control panels and software for production lines of aluminum profiles obtained by extrusion, starting from the foundry up to the painting of finished products.

Equipment has been created for:

  • Melting furnaces for aluminum;
  • Waiting furnaces for aluminum
  • Pits;
  • Log Cutting;
  • Log Storage;
  • Heating furnaces Log;
  • Shears;
  • Hot saws;
  • Extrusion presses;
  • Tunnel for heat treatments;
  • Puller with cut on the fly;
  • Ironing lines;
  • Etc. etc.

And all the machines used in the production process up to the final painting.

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